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Whether you just need a hunting grade call, or you are interested in a custom handmade call, know that my commitment to quality is the same for all.  My calls have won awards for sound, but more importantly, have fooled many ducks over the years.  Take a look around at all my calls.  If you don't see what you want, contact me, and let me build a custom call to fit your style.  

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Your call brought them in good. As you can see our lab likes the taste of it. Still works like a charm. I love the way high ball holds tone. Awesome call! Brought in a banded mallard hen (not pictured) banded in Canada in 2009, killed in Dyersburg friday

-Mark from Tennsessee

Just got back from a hunt in Texarkana and wanted to tell you again how awesome your call is. Everyone there thought I had one of the best calls they had seen or heard.

-John Paul

I'm the guy that ended up with this call at that banquet.  Until recently, I had lost the business card that came with it.  I have to say, this has been hands down my favorite call I've ever put on my lanyard, and has been my go to for the past five seasons! Awesome call all the way around.